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Exams Are Over? Time to Recover

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Exams Are Over? Time to Recover

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Recovering From Stress after an Exam
It is common for a majority of students to be distressed whenever they are done away with their final exams as they lack clue of the next thing they can undertake. The majority of them end up enjoying long nights of drinking and debauchery in the name of reducing stress that had accumulated during exam time. This is a culture that ought to be discouraged. Instead, students should go for appropriate and healthy ways that can be important concerning reducing their stress without necessarily having to drink their selves’ wild.
Effects of Stress
Many psychologists have identified stress emanating from exams to be intense, leading to poor sleeping habits, decrease functioning of memory, in addition to creation worry and anxiety. Indeed, a level of adrenaline released to fight ‘exam fear’ increases with increase in stress of an exam paper. Worse of it is that there is an adverse effect to the body in case such stressful period are extended. Therefore, a lot of adrenaline is released weakening the immune system. In such cases, students become more susceptible to diseases leading to further adverse effects such a change in hair color.
Post-Exam Stress: The Unsung Killer
Recently, researchers have indicated that there is a strong correlation between post-exam stress and buildup of anxiety and pressure among students. In fact, students are liable to have a buildup of stress out of the fear of unknown long or immediately after completing an exam.
Misinformed Decision of Erasing Stress
It is worth noting that a student’s body remains at a precarious condition after he completes a stressful exam. The immune system is lowered, response of body cells is affected, and the student is more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. This means that students that opt taking drugs and alcohol engage in risky behavior that can lead to adverse effects of their bodies. Celebrations that are done immediately after final exams can lead to the victimization of students to being poisoned through their alcohol drinks. Other vices that students are likely to face include rape and to be injured. Also, such celebrations are likely to increase chances of one being suspended or getting expulsion from school.
Informed Ways of Mitigating Such Stress
There are plenty of alternatives that can erase exam related stress without necessarily having to indulge to alcoholism or use of other related drugs. Planning of a short road trip is one way that can help students release their stress. Here, they should focus on doing things or activities that they perceive to be their hobbies, thus, letting their brain unwind. Secondly, students that love exercise should start such programs to ease their bodies of the excess adrenaline buildup. Moreover, they may opt joining a sports’ club that is near their campus or in their city. This will help them benefit in terms of gaining physical fitness through exercising their bodies in turn reducing pressure buildup.
On the other hand, those that love watching movies should spend a night watching movies. This will accord them a chance to laugh, thus, lowering their stress in a more drastic manner. Similarly, there are those that love listening to music. They should take this advantage and let music sooth their hearts relieving their bodies and mind off their stress. Moreover, music will help lower blood pressure that buildup during exam period facilitating creativity. Other students may decide to engage in doing crafty things like knitting all night long. This will ease them their stress, lower their increased heartbeats, release muscle tension, and refresh mind allowing it focuses on new things.
Apart from that, students should think of eating fruits as they are rich in vitamins. To be more specific, they should eat fruits such as the banana that are rich in vitamin B. The vitamin eradicates stress from the nervous system of a person. Moreover, fruits containing a lot of natural sugars like banana and oranges contain endorphins, which helps to curb brain depression. Another option that students should ponder on is deciding to visit a friend. This might help scrap off the pressure and stress that builds up after an exam.
Most students accumulate stress after facing a challenging exam. This ought not to be the case; instead, they should always remember that making any form of the blunder in exams does not mean that one is a failure in life. Therefore, they should take a time to relax immediately they are done with their exams to avoid compromising their health.

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