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Examine the two articles in The Economist October, 2013 pp. 19-25 on the problems of science. Explain what problems are spelled out, and describe the solutions suggested to address them.

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Medical Sciences
5th November, 2015
Creative Writing: Article Critique
The two articles published in “The Economist” October 2013, pp.19-25, reflected the issues regarding quality of research, and scientific experiments, carried out all across the globe. Since the development of modern science during the 17th century, there has been a revolution around the globe regarding technological advancements and clinical solutions (“How science goes wrong” 19-25). However, under the present circumstances it is also noted that scientists are not taking adequate measures to verify the outcomes of their experimentation. This means such scientists are just relying on the data they obtained from experimentation, without introspecting its originality or viability (“How science goes wrong” 19-25). Thus, the trust on the findings has superseded the verification process (“How science goes wrong” 19-25). Such issues have led to false claims of an experimentation end point. The amount of research conducted all across the globe has increased manifolds.
Such increase in research activities has been encouraged through financial grants from academic levels and industry partnerships(“How science goes wrong” 19-25). However, the major concern that needs to be addressed is the truth and reproducibility of such experimentation. Often it is noted, that the results of such exp…

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