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Examine how the two religions affected law, social practices and culture and choose the one you believe had the greatest influence.

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Examine how the two religions affected law, social practices and culture and choose the one you believe had the greatest influence.

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Judaism and its Influence in Society
At a first glance, Judaism seems like old religion, but it manages to stay current and up to date with today’s world. Consequently, In the world the direct influence of Christianism is regarded as being one of the first monotheist faiths, Judaism ethics and cultural traits have merged with Western culture, providing it with a moral compass and a set of beliefs to function accordingly in the world. Hence, Judaism holds a great influence in society by the following items: Respect for life, Peace ethics, justice and family.
Concerning their respect for life, Jews consider all lives ought to be recognized as they are holy, and the purpose of Judaism is living a holy life, therefore, everybody should be granted with fundamental human rights and a certain amount of dignity (Rosen 2) On their peace ethics, Judaism considers that every nation should live their lives in the way they see fit, co-existing in harmony and peace. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they will allow other nations to attack them, as Judaism considers that no injustice should go unpunished. Regarding justice, Judaism recognizes that all men are prone to good actions, but they have the choice to stop such activities. Therefore, if one commits an injustice, one cannot escape neither human nor divine punishment (Friedman 43). Last, since Judaism comes from a tribal society, they place a great amount of importance on the family as they have to pass the religious commitment to the following generations as a way to keep their beliefs fresh and current. That way, family is an institution that seeks to maintain the faith as a way to preserve their culture (Rosen 4)
To sum up, the influences of Judaism can be hard to spot, but they are certainly there, providing a background of beliefs to our culture that even if we are not Jewish, are part of our everyday lives as a series of moral and ethical instructions that allows Western people to live a good life.
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