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Examine how leadership is demonstrated within the article The rise and fall of Carly Fiorina

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Examine how leadership is demonstrated within the article “The rise and fall of Carly Fiorina”
In “The rise and fall of Carly Fiorina”, Carly as commonly known was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She was a strategist and a woman of strength and change as she managed to make different changes in her organization during her tenure. She showcased different elements of leadership as she was charismatic, aggressive and one who had a high profile. Such elements of leadership are often important for any individual who desires to succeed in their operations in the business world. While in Lucent Technologies, Carly was able to lead change and was always enthusiastic with the leadership style that was imaginative. All these helped her achieve her objective in HP, though was later replaced after the company started producing low profits. The personality of Carly was able to raise the company higher standards, and this is the sole elements that are needed for leaders to succeed in their endeavors.
There are also other factors that have indicated as the pillar to her success while in HP. The organizational culture, charismatic nature of the leader and gender can also be considered as other important pillars that led to Carly’s success as CEO. Personality is the overall blueprint of an individual, and this often brings out their feelings and thoughts while engaging with others in the work place. However, personality can easily change with time, a…

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