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Evolution of beauty standards

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The Evolution of Beauty Standards
Women beauty standards have changed greatly over the last decades. The emphasis on the fertility and health of women has changed to sexuality and fame. Women are expected to be presentable sexual beings, which has made cosmetics and plastic surgery a necessity for many women around the world seeking the beauty approval. Some of the concepts of beauty have persisted since the ancient Greeks period to date while other views and standards of beauty have completely died off. For instance, long hair was an essential beauty ingredient among women for a long time, but the gender equality notion in the twentieth and the twenty-first century have changed the importance of long hair among women (Hall 58). In the twentieth century, women cut their hair short to signify gender equality and to coerce the governments of the world to appreciate the role of women in the economic arena. The standards on body shape and size have also changed constraining the dietary practices of women to fit the new body standards. The current paper discusses the changes and the evolution of woman’s beauty standards from the ancient Greek period to date.
Beauty in the ancient times was associated with health and the ability of the woman to bear and breastfeed the children. Women with big hips and big breast were considered beautiful because it illustrated their fertility and health levels. Most of the artwork presented women as full figure…

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