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evidentiary issues found in immigrant deportation cases

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evidentiary issues found in immigrant deportation cases

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Criminal law

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Evidentiary issues found in immigrant deportation cases
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Evidentiary issues found in immigrant deportation cases
There are many reforms that are sweeping across the US in connection to the issues of immigration and deportation. Most immigrants have had to vacate the US because of illegal entry to the region, to overstay when using visas that are temporary or going to the US without express permission from the government. There have been different crackdown laws in the US, and notable among them is the Arizona immigration law that is controversial. The law gives law enforcement agencies the permission to go around the region and investigate all immigrants, with the idea of enforcing deportation. Such measures and many other reforms have made many immigrants to get scared. Most of them fear being removed or deported to their home countries where they are never at peace. The US constitution provides for various rights and privileges to the immigrant and the citizens, in general, but such are never upheld during court proceedings. The idea of having clear proof and enough evidence before executing a case has been ignored by many authorities. However, various organs of the judicial system have brought about relieve, as they reverse cases that they think should act on reasonable grounds other than following strictly on the laws that are provided.
Evidentiary Law
The law on evidence constitutes all the principles and guidelin…

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