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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Total Immersion in ESL Classrooms

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Total Immersion in ESL Classrooms

Category: Proposal Essay

Subcategory: Education

Level: Academic

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Effectiveness of Total Immersion in ESL Classrooms
Education is the mean of development and prosperity of any nation. However, for the developed countries that have culturally diversified immigrants, deliverance of education is an uphill task. In America, the immigrants can include Asians, Hispanics, and middle-eastern people who have significantly different languages and more importantly, cultural aspects of their society. In this regard, the teachers have to become aware of students’ first language thereby giving them complete learning experience. However, it should be noted that the education is a long-term process that is not merely dependent on native language. For that, two models of education in ESL classroom setting are introduced that includes ESL pull-out method and total immersion. It is also worthwhile to note that individual belonging to different age group tend to have different learning curves. This perspective can also serve to provide an outlook for determining the optimized age for total immersion program. Each of these two methods has their strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, for the areas of improvement in total immersion domain, some recommendations will also be suggested to enhance effectiveness of total immersion implementation in ESL classrooms. As per the scope of this paper, the effectiveness of total immersion model in ESL classrooms will be discussed in ample deta…

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