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Evaluating A Used Car

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Evaluating A Used Car

Category: Application Letter

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

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Evaluating a Used Car
Consumers chuckle when it comes to some kinds of cars. This is especially so in Sport models. A case in point is the 2015 Honda Accord Sport sedan: accompanying the unique design is a beautiful interior fitted with cloth seats. In the current automobile market, high price tags plus quick depreciations rates on new cars have prompted consumers to shift from new to second-hand cars. While investing in second-hand cars may seem a less judicious endeavor, consumers are still forced to be smart while making choices (Mark 116). Second-hand cars occasionally have unseen damages which could become costly especially if such problems, such as engine knocks, return to haunt the previously unsuspecting buyers.
To avoid such a proverbial lemon, it is important for the consumers to check out on key points that would ensure high value and good conditions before landing a used car. It would be wise to take a test drive on both highway and local road conditions. This is the only sure way to get a better feel of different driving environments taking note of the response and performance of the car. While hitting the road, you can have a feel of how the car responds to sharp turns and how it shifts. It is also important to check how easy or difficult it is to find a car’s spare parts and subsequent replicability (Kilmer 8).
It would be very useful to purchase a pre-owned car as it offers the consumer some extra quality level of assurance. A number of local car sellers offer the vehicles with warranties extending beyond initial coverage. Moreover, finding ways of avoiding the buyer’s remorse would be of an advantage. This entails taking ample time to carry out research and coming up with the best affordable negotiated price. This will ensure that a good deal is arrived at while handing yourself the car of your dreams. It is appropriate to evaluate factors such as the car’s interior upholstery, general outlook, and price comparative to other offers within the market (Paul, and David 21).
My preference for Honda, when choosing a second-hand car, arises from the car’s reputation of reliability, and value retention is giving it high resale value. Based on the 2014’s ALG Residual Value Awards, Honda was ranked first in the midsize category, a position it had retained for three years ranking. Honda is often considered a low mileage car which, as tests prove, is a misconception. Statistically, Honda has a whopping 7 year/100,000 mile power train indicating that it has the best warranty options. Honda models also have high True Market Value ratings implying that they have better resale pricing, fuel economy and standard features (Kilmer 8).
Buying a used car is evidently an exciting experience which requires skill, time and the ability to expect exceptionally high standards. Although other models are good, Honda cars are the best choice since they offer technical innovation, specific character, and distinctive looks. Honda cars are known for their practical and efficient quality, being the epitome of good performance, compact exterior and very classy interiors. The majority of second hand Honda car dealers also offer rigorous checking and preparation ensuring high standards of quality standards to ensure the entire car works to perfection. In summary, considering all the described factors, Honda would be an ideal car taking into account reliability, cost, transmission, and resale value.

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