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Evaluaative Essay

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Evaluaative Essay

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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In August Wilsons fences the most attributed conflict in the whole play is Domination and Resistance, the vice clearly illustrated by characters like Troy, Bono, Rose, and Gabriel results into many more consequences that may eventually lead to death. The two themes together correlate as one vice leads to another, a lot of domination may sometimes lead to resistance as illustrated in the text.
At the work place where both Troy and Bono work, it is only the whites who are allowed to drive the garbage truck (Kester, 2000), the whites are totally dominant in this sector, Troy (Cory’s father) adamantly refuses to sign the permission paper that would allow Cory to attend Collage on a football scholarship and even confirms to Cory’s high school coach of his sons inability to play football anymore because the white man will not allow Cory to get anywhere with his football (Kester, 2000) Troy sees this as a way to control Cory’s dreams not to surpass his achievements. Troy’s dream of becoming a professional baseball player is snatched from him as the game is dominated by the whites and as a black, he is not allowed to participate in the game. Troy is exceedingly dominant in his marriage life and even goes behind Rose to have an affair with Alberta.
After Alberta’s death Rose refuses to acknowledge Troy as his loving husband, Troy also loses his best friend since they no longer work togeth…

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