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European States

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European States

Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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European States
Harold Godwinson
Herald Hardrada,
.William Duke
. William Duke
The court of lord king has the mandate to oversee all the challenges that affected the churches especially controversies and church presentations by initiating appropriate measures at its initial stages.
The lord king decides on who and when to leave the kingdom. His permission is only granted when the safety of the king and the kingdom was confirmed to be safe.
3) The Assize of Clarendon, the 1166 act for Henry II of England and was purposely meant to bring about the transformation of the England laws. The laws that were supposed to be transformed by this act included felonies and other offenses and through which the laymen or knights made relevant inspection and evidence collection under oath.
King John fastened his seal to Magna Carta having been confronted with over 40 rebellious barons, and he agreed to their terms to avoid civil wars.
Liberty and Inspiration for Americans
5) The statute of Mortmain (1279), under which blessings of the area to the Church needed to have an imperial permit.
Quo Emptores (1290) stopped subinfeudation.
Gloucester Statutes (1278) and Quo Warranto (1290): define and regulate feudal jurisdictions.
The Statute of Winchester (1285): a uniform system of justice for all;
The Second Statute of Westminster (1285): confined the estrangement of the area and kept involved domains…

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