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Eulalia Perez Recalls Her Life in a Mission in Spanish California in the Early Nineteenth Century

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Eulalia Perez Recalls Her Life in a Mission in Spanish California in the Early Nineteenth Century

Category: Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Eulalia Perez Mission in Spanish California
Eulalia Perez writes the document as an account of her life in Spanish California. She includes details of her birth, marriage, and children. At one point, she loses her first husband, and Father Sánchez, a Catholic priest, encourages her to marry a widower from Catalonia (65). When the missionaries see how devoted Eulalia is to her children, they offer her a job at the mission, first as a cooking instructor for the Indians, and then as a housekeeper.
The account is an autobiography because it contains details of Eulalia’s life written by herself. She uses the pronoun “I” to refer to herself. As an autobiography, Eulalia’s story includes information of a more significant depth than would be contained in a biography (64). At the same time, it is possible that as she writes her own life story, she will be biased and give false details. Besides, information provided after a long time may be subject to bias as one distorts the memory of specific events.
The reason for writing the document is to enable history students, and anyone else understands what life was like in 19th Century Spanish California. Understanding the views and actions of people living back then allows one to compare with today’s viewpoints and see how the world’s thinking has shifted. For example, slavery is rampant at the time Eulalia refers to in this account, and Caucasian people considered them…

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