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Ethics Video

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Ethics Video

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Shelia before Video
As a medical practitioner nurses are bound by the code of ethics and therefore discriminating against a patient due to their HIV positive would be out of question. In the fight against HIV/AIDS stigma is one of the main aspects that is being fought the hardest. As a nurse one would have to treat the patient. However, they are required to be extra careful in handling his/her fluids to avoid transmission of the virus. However, if the facility I work for has an internal policy that allows reassignment, then they can ask to be given another task to handle. This may be applicable in special circumstances e.g. if one has an immunosuppressant condition that would make me more vulnerable to infections.
For a patient that has started receiving medication to control their HIV it is paramount that they continue with their medication. A nurse should advise the patients to be taking the medicine on a regular basis as prescribed by a medical practitioner. They should emphasize on how the drugs support the compromised immune system to fight off any opportunistic illnesses. As part of the counseling process, the nurse should enlighten the patient on the various drugs that are available in the market, giving them the pros and their cons of each drug. They should also guide them through their dietary needs and how they can cater for them appropriately.
A patient that is refusing medical treatment must have his/her reasons. Nurses should li…

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