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Ethics in healthcare organizations

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Ethics in healthcare organizations

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Ethics in Healthcare Organisations
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Healthcare organizations face various ethical issues. Most of the decisions made are capable of ethical implications. These implications not only affect the patients but also the healthcare providers and leaders, (“Spirituality and Medicine: Ethical Topic in Medicine”, 2018). This paper examines some of the ethical issues common to medical practices. It also explains principles of beneficence, autonomy, and non-malfeasance that guide health practices. Finally, it discusses the possible recommendations that an ethical advisor can give.
Regarding the case study, the ethical issues involve violating the rights of the patient. An infant’s parents have the rights to decide what is good for the child, (Pozgar, 2012). As such the decisions they make should be respected. Also, there is the issue of not exhausting all possibilities for the patient. Health care providers should only give up on a patient when all available options have been exhausted. Autonomy requires that patients be allowed to make their own decisions. The physicians are obligated to create necessary conditions for autonomous options in others, (Dastidar & Odden, 2011). For a doctor, valuing autonomy involves respecting a person’s right, confidentiality and creating necessary atmosphere for autonomous options.
With beneficence, physicians are required to desist from doing harm but are also obligated to assist their patient…

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