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Ethical Research

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Ethical Research

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

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Ethical behavior forms the basis for conducting meaningful and useful research in organizations. Ethics involves being able to differentiate between what is perceived to be right or wrong behavior. In the context of research involving human participants, ethics includes but not limited to the proper treatment of participants and upholding the integrity of the research. Some of the ethical considerations related to the use of human participants include ensuring voluntary participation, beneficence, respect for subjects’ confidentiality, as well as obtaining informed consent. Individual researchers have the responsibility of ensuring that participants have the right to choose whether to participate or not to participate in the research at their free will. In many organizations, there are Institutional Review Boards tasked with ensuring the safety of human subjects used in organizational research. Another ethical consideration in research relates to the integrity of individual researchers. An important ethical principle that governs researchers is not to interfere with the natural setting or participants under study. Causing any kind of harm to the participants would constitute an unethical behavior by the researcher. (Carter, 2017).
There are several potential risks involved when recruiting employees to be research participants from one’s organization. One of such risks is the undue influence …

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