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Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: College

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The company’s attitude, despite it not being verbal, is not acceptable in the working environment. Many discrimination laws have been put in place in the country, and if other employees or stakeholders get knowledge of this, the company may face severe disciplinary actions (Long, 2016). As the staffing manager, I am aware of such repercussions and I have the responsibility to change the scenario. Moreover, managers should have high ethical standards since they affect the stakeholders, shareholders, and company’s reputation. It is, therefore, necessary to show these high standards when dealing with the issue of discrimination. I am aware that employers must treat applicants basing on their qualifications and not other outstanding physical characteristics.

My first step would be bringing to light the International Labour Organization guideline that outlines the treatment for disabled employees. The management needs to be aware of the state of the organization, and their attitude towards the disabled. In the recruitment process, I will make the employees aware of the obligation and laws relating to discrimination to discourage them from recruiting in a discriminatory manner. Also, the job descriptions and application process should be impartial and one that allows applicants to disclose and access information without feeling discriminated (Puhl et al, 2015). Conduction of interviews should also be done in areas that are accessible by everyone and sourcing…

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