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Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Formal Science

Level: High School

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Words: 550

Ethical Issues
(Institution)Ethical Issues
I find some of the unwritten code of conduct used by correction officers and police right and some completely wrong. Some of the ones I agree with include supporting the correction officers and the police when they are in distress, maintaining a good relationship with other police officers, protecting the public image of the fellow correctional officer in front of the inmates. Others include sticking to officer solidarity when interacting with other groups and not speaking ill of other officers to tarnish their name or reputation both inside the correctional facility and outside. I find these code of conducts applicable and appropriate to situations aimed at protecting the correctional officers and police while at work. It maintains the respect that the rest of the correctional officers and the inmates have towards the officer. Moreover, it keeps the unity and avoids cases of conflicts arising among colleagues within the correctional and police department in the facility which would otherwise result in the poor performance of the entire correctional facility.
The code of conducts I disagree with include the backing a fellow officer when in dispute with the inmates regardless of the situation, promoting and supporting sanctions aimed at implicating and making the life of inmates miserable and not reporting fellow officers to the management when they make mistakes. There are several cases where officers start conflicts b…

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