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Ethical Issues 2

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Ethical Issues 2

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: College

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Words: 275

Ethical Issues
Maintaining ethics and diversity is significant in the workplace. Variety is the most important to organizations that want to gain the trust of the customers and gain the employee’s loyalty. Workplace diversity strives to make all people from different economic and social backgrounds feel comfortable when working within the organization. Furthermore, it also promotes equality in opportunities to all employees, both current, and prospective. Promotion or hiring in these institutions should be by merit, not gender, race, or creed.

Moreover, an excellent workforce diversity program looks into maintaining standards of non-discrimination and looks into enforcing penalties in cases of non-compliance. Beyond the compliance to legal issues, workplace diversity benefits companies by encouraging not only tolerance but also acceptance of differences. Exposing business to different genders, demographics, education levels will improve and provide future opportunities in business (Phillips, 2015). Performance levels will open up to new heights and horizons with increased new business partners, customer demographics, internal methods of performance.

To increase the representation of ethnic minorities and women in the workforce, it is important to make strategic staffing choices on whether to actively or passively pursue workforce diversity. Recruiters put a price on passive candidates. This is because the majority of the inactive candidates already have jobs and are not l…

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