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Ethical influence on solicitation

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Ethical influence on solicitation

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Computer Science

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Topic 1:
A Procurement Manager’s post comes with its pros and cons. On one hand is the extreme influence on core departments that enable a company to flourish with good management. With such power comes a risk as individuals interested in doing business with the company. These are namely suppliers, vendors or contract bidders. Among the duties of a Procurement Manager is to choose the best-qualified suppliers and contract bidders. Most of these vendors are heavily competed, and the contenders try to course Procurement Officers by all means possible. In exchange for preferential treatment, suppliers offer tokens like gifts, all expense trips among other lucrative officers.
Hence, among challenges Procurement Officers face is the ethical challenge of accepting bribes. This requires a critical wise thought our decision at the bottom line is that the enterprise offering such techniques to do business has no confidence in their legitimate ability to deliver. It shows compliance in the enterprise and therefore not a business partner one could trust. Procurement Officers should therefore not accept such approaches as, despite the personal satisfaction the bribe may bring, one risks putting their own business in jeopardy. It brings to light the ability of the Procurement Officer from a managerial standpoint. The showing wise judgment sets a profound example to fellow colleagues and employees.
Topic 2:
Among techniques, Procurement Officers use to determine quantification of data in various departments this office is in charge of is weighing systems. It is an accurate method also used to calculate the ability of a marketer or supplier’s ability to deliver the required service. This technique delves into the subsections of a service, and each has a tallied score. Due to this strictness some competitors work in tandem with Procurement Officers to offer criteria that may favor their respective organizations. When this does not work, some competitors go as far as to try to influence the results and falsify them in their favor before the official announcement of a result.
If I was acting in the capacity of a Procurement Officer, and I found such a scenario in the organization, I was working for. First I would notify the chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer or General Manager of the illegal transaction. I would advise them to cancel all tenders associated with that respective company. I would also fire the officers who were responsible for altering the results. I would secondly notify the authorities, as result alteration is an illegal means of doing business when it comes to contract to bid depending on what decision the executive officers make as they may decide to stick with the initial internal solution. It may save the company from public disgrace. I would advise against this as if word got out of a coverup then the public image of the company would face that much more damage.

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