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Ethical dilemma in doing well or doing the right thing

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Ethical Dilemmas
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The decision-making process on whether to do an activity right or to do it well is very challenging, and it has resulted in several dilemmas for the doers to make. Most of the resultant factors that lead to these dilemmas when it comes to decision making are the scarcity of the resources that are used by the doer of the activity. The time limit also hinders the appropriate decision that is made. In an organization, however, the dilemma arises due to the difference in the opinion of the doer of the action to that of the organization or the management in the organization. In circumstances where individual works with a group, however, it becomes very difficult especially when they don’t have a good relationship among themselves. Similarly, the perception that the doers of the action have interferes with their decision making since they might not get the same response they expected when doing the work. This, therefore, causes a dilemma and they are unable to know what the crowd wants.
Bromell, D. (2012). Doing&the&right&thing: Ethical&dilemmas&in&public&policy&making, 1(1), 1-24. Retrieved from http://file:///C://Downloads/Bromell2012Doingtherightthing.pdf
There has been a great challenge to most of the individuals when it comes to doing something well and also doing it right. The dilemma arises due to several factors such as the scarcity of doing that particular activity (Bromell, 20…

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