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Ethical Review

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Ethical Review The Purposeful harm and abuse of animals by the human beings is morally wrong. This is not because of the intrinsic rights that are possessed by the animals or the act of killing or pain caused to the animal that is thought to be intrinsically wrong, but it is due to the effects that most of these practices have on the nature of our ethical sensibilities, of our personal status as the ethical agents. From a personal point of view, the acts and ethical concepts that that we witness within the society, which occur within our communal and social lives, generally affect the contours of human beings moral development. Scientifically, human beings are...

Leadership and emotional intelligence

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Your name Institution Date (optional). One encounters emotions everywhere in the workplace, and it is unavoidable to deal with them. Emotions determine most of the people's behavior as they are hardwired into our system. It would be very unrealistic for an individual to expect the workplace to remain emotion-free. Managers and employees are both humans, and they cannot leave their feelings at the door when they check into work; it is unrealistic given our human nature. People take their humanity with them to work every single day… their excitement, happiness, laughter enthusiasm, anger, worry, disappointment, and sadness. People bring all of these to the...

The Power of Play

The Power of Play Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Power of Play What changes have you observed in children that may be attributable to decreased time for play? What differences from your childhood play experiences exist? How are these changes manifested in different environments for children (e.g., home, school, neighborhood, etc.)? During my childhood, no kid did suffer from obesity. Within the current world, the number of obesity and overweight children is rising at a warning rate. The condition is definitely due to the advancement in technology, bringing more sedentary behavior. So, instead of getting outdoors to use their creativity and play, children in today’s society...

Study school codes of conduct in two areas in Canada by Rebecca Raby

This article by Rebecca Raby examined school codes of conduct in two areas in Canada as well as the effects these codes have on shaping the types of students that emerge from these schools. Raby finds that the school system's codes of conduct are designed towards creating a docile, productive citizenry while those who break the rules and fail to “self-govern” are subject to harsh penalties. Raby's methodology is fairly straightforward. The paper examines school codes of conduct in the Niagara and Toronto school boards (Raby 74). The schools examined were all public, non-Catholic, secondary schools (Raby 74). Though the author notes that Catholic schools would have been interesting to examine...

organ donation

Organ Donation Should Be Legalized Because It Is Good For Humanities Name of Student: Institution: Course: Course Instructor: Date: Organ donation is good for humanities Introduction Organ donation brings about ethical issues that are not so easy to unveil as regards to what people claim in determination of what would happen to their bodies before and the aftermath of death (Margolis, 2009). This raises the questions such as is there any respect for human body in doing this? Will it be comfortable to stay with an organ from another family or how would people address the need of those people whose own organs have failed (Bernat, 2008)? Nonetheless, Organ donation has proved to be...

The Topic to Answer is Below

Name Course Professor Date Nietzsche once said that to be a true friend one must be willing to be the “beautiful enemy.” What Nietzsche was saying is that a good friend is one that will tell you painful truths in order to help you. Most of us fear being the “beautiful enemy” because we fear losing our friend. Alekto: Is Nietzsche right? Socrates: Yes, I said. But don’t you think Nietzche has a point when he says to be a true friend one must be willing to be the “beautiful enemy”? Alekto: well, I am uncertain Socrates: probably you don't understand what Nietzche is implying by using the metaphor "beautiful enemy". Alekto: I do...

There are Several Study Techniques that will help a student learn more efficiently

Name: Tutor Course Date: There are Several Study Techniques to help a Student Learn More Efficiently Several students are normally left behind by the modern education systems. Therefore is need for one to develop the necessary study skills that will help him learn more efficiently. According to Dunlosky "improving educational outcomes will require efforts on many fronts, but a central premise of this monograph is that one part of a solution that involves helping students to regulate better their learning by the using effective learning techniques" (4). There are several study techniques that can be used to help students achieve their learning goals and improve their performance. In this...

Working the line

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Working the Line David Taylor is an artist who has been doing photography along the United States and Mexico border. He has kept several pictures of his work. While doing his work, Taylor has used several compositional elements in his photos. These elements are the factors or rather characteristics that make a picture. They are distributed among his photos. The first element used is depth. This in simple words is the distance from the observer separated in background, foreground and some options middle ground. This creates attraction of the viewer, and he or she finds the image compelling to look at. A good example is the picture of the fence along the border....

engineering and public policy

Name Professor’s name Course Date Engineering and Public Policy Affairs between State and Federal gatherings frequently form environmental policy and laws. States can straight figure federal policy in the methods states, select to impose, or not administer, an environmental guideline. Federal directive of nonpoint basis water contamination is frequently quoted as feeble, in portion because sections often lack the enticement to apply federal principles, and state enforcers do not have the power to revoke state choices. In parts where the federal administration cannot straight intercede, local and state authorities have a very steady hand in determining the everyday result of the federal...