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essay responding to the movie Contagion

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essay responding to the movie Contagion

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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How the movie Contagion Reveals Technology to be the Cause and the Potential Solution to Global Disease Epidemics
In the movie, contagion, different forms and categories of technology contributed to the cause as well as became the potential solution to the global virus pandemic. Simple mobility instruments such as credit cards, elevator buttons, and planes actually contributed to the spread of the disease from Hong Kong to America. These instruments seem to be scientifically plausible, far from the fictional account provided in the movie.
Technological development in trade, transport and communication redistributed the pandemic viruses to places that seemed from the original contact place. After the death of patient zero, the scientific community as depicted in the movie work round to clock to contain the situation and avert the piling health crisis throughout the globe.
An hour after death, the medical community performs a post mortem on her, and through the use of new forms of medical technology, it is confirmed that the woman has encephalitis, a form of brain swelling, that definitely results from a viral infection. Immediately the samples are sent to Atlanta, the headquarters of the Centre for Disease Control, CDC. In their advanced laboratory that boasts of modern CPUs monitors various medical gadgets, the samples are run through tests. Meanwhile the number of victims from the infection grows from the fir…

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