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1. Lars Eighner On Dumpster Diving
There is clear evidence from the journal Lars Eighner on Dumpster Diving that scavenging is a current problem in most cities including Los Angeles. The writer indicates how homelessness can force one to enter into the scavenging habit. Many individuals who rely on dumpster habits develop adaptive features that can help them to know where to get the maximum foodstuffs and materials from the dumping site.
A common problem with the scavenging habits is the issue of infections. The writer shows how they faced dysentery at least once every month. It is also shown that scavengers eat even expired foodstuffs and drinks regardless of the risks attached to them. Dumpster-diving people visit shops, hotels, and even compound that neighbor universities and colleges mainly to get an easy catch. University students dispose of most of their products during school breaks and the closure dates. Scavengers benefit a lot from the disposed products some of which are still in good conditions.
The other big challenge with the dumpster diving is the environment in which they get their food. The white ants always inhabit the environment that has wasted and at times they also consume the same disposed products. It becomes a game of competition and survival for the fittest. Dumpster Diving is a dangerous practice since the common senses are the only determinant of the viability of the dis…

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