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Is it right that globalization is creating prosperity for some, yet devastation and poverty for others?

Is globalization creating prosperity for some, yet devastation and poverty for others? Student’s name Institution This is a worldwide process that interacts and integrates interregional and international levels. The relations are social, economic, and political, with technology as a key driver. Globalization is attained characterized by; first, there must be an integration of political, social and economic activities at national, regional, and international level. Second, a local event in a given nation can spread to affect the whole world, due to the speed of spreading of the information in a globalized world. Third, there is massive linkage of global transport and communication systems,...

What are the laws applicable to the arbitration agreement and how are they determined?

Name Instructor Task Date The Laws of Arbitration Agreement Introduction Dispute resolution clauses in commercial agreements are never enchanting and, therefore, it is not astonishing that they are frequently termed as “midnight clauses,” that is, the last clauses to be considered during commercial negotiations, often late at night. In most cases, dispute resolution clauses often comprise provisions for mediation, negotiations, as well as arbitration or litigation. It is imperative to give careful thought to drafting the said provision, every step be lucidly delineated, and time limits be established for every step. In cases where arbitration is selected as the favored means of dispute...

great plague of london 1665

Name Instructor’s Name Subject Date The Great Plague of London 1665 It was the last of the biggest epidemics of the bubonic plague that occurred in the English Kingdom between 1665 and 1666. The epidemic that was the plague killed about 100,000 people which made up about 25% of London’s population CITATION Ope15 l 1033 (Open Collections Program: Contagion). London was at the time made up of a big city with walls around it. The city consisted of areas of great contrasting lifestyles and standards ranging from upper class estates in Whitehall and Convent garden, town houses to the lower class settlement areas crowded with poor people. The sanitation was poor and the drain channels were...

Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist

Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist. Position Applying For Master in Physical Therapy Physical Medicine. Career Objective: To become a distinguished and notable master clinician and an astute academician in my domain of practice. I want to make a significant improvement in the quality of care to my patients, and joining the world leaders in my domain, for rehabilitating the patients successfully. I would also like to disseminate knowledge to my team and subordinates in order to ensure patient-centric care. The change that I will bring in the quality of life of my patients will proudly help me one day to say within myself Vedi, Vini and Vici which means I came, I saw and I conquered. Present...

Amending the Constitution

Amending the Constitution Name Institution Instructor Date How to amend the Constitution to improve the Supreme Court or federal judiciary Introduction Amending the US constitution remains the most complicated task and process. The complicated nature of the process is to avert rampant cases of changing the articles of the constitution by introducing new closes. It was also made difficult to avoid abuse by the ruling class who would introduce laws that suit their interests including policies. Since the launching of the US constitution in the year 1789, it has been amended only 27 times. The limited number of times depicts how difficult and vigorous nature of the process, however, it can still...

Based on the examples and information in Bruce Watson’s Freedom Summer, what changes took place in the United States as a result of the Freedom Summer of 1964?

Name: Professor: Title: Date: Based on the examples and information in Bruce Watson’s Freedom Summer, what changes took place in the United States as a result of the Freedom Summer of 1964? Freedom summer was a unique venture both for its bravery and violence. It was launched in the US in 1964, with the aim of aim registering African-American voters in Mississippi. This was done after Africans were denied to vote in the region. This led to the establishment of freedom houses, schools, and community centers from small towns to aid the population towards voting. The campaign was organized by COFO, which was a coalition of the four major rights organizations. Freedom summer became a reality...

Women are victims of discrimination in the workplace?

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Women are Victims of discrimination in the workplace? Discrimination and sexual abuse in the workplace against women is a problem they continue to face. The discrimination has been a major problem in the workplace for decades though efforts have been made to alleviate the problem. Today, women can boast great success against the problem in the workplace. Discrimination has recently been reduced, however, it still exists. Thousands of cases have been reported, some dismissed due to lack of proof, some go unreported while others have been accepted. Laws and policies to stop discrimination against women in the workplace have been passed, but their...

LGBT in China

Yuwei Zhao Keith K. Elphick English 102 10/29/2015 LGBT in China Firstly, I would like to narrate to a real story about my friend. She is a lesbian. Often, she tells me that she is discriminated not only at work but, also in her daily life. Most parents in China are influenced by traditional thoughts and teachings that depict same-sex relationship as mental illnesses. In fact, it was just recently that the China government removed same-sex relationships from the list of mental illnesses. My friend often thought that she would turn out heterosexual and indulge in intimate relationships with the opposite. However, she was not attracted to...

Comparison of (Greek) Homer-The Odysses, book 4 and (Roman) Virgil- Aeneid, Book 2

Name Instructor Name Course 12-9-15 A Comparison of Homer's Odyssey, Book 4 and Virgil's Aeneid, Book 2 Virgil's epic, The Aeneid tells the story of the founding of Rome. Virgil traces the origins of the Roman people to that of the Trojans and in the destruction of the Trojans, the Romans rise. This essay seeks to critically examine Virgil's Aeneid and compare it to The Odyssey by Homer. Virgil denies incorporating Greek culture into his work. This analysis will examine that claim by comparing the two works. The Odyssey is a cornerstone of Greek culture and if similarities can be found between it and The Aeneid then this will greatly support any assertions of...