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Essay on Annie Dillard “the death of a moth” and Kate Chopin “the storm”

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Essay on Annie Dillard & “The Death of a Moth” and Kate Chopin & “The Storm”
Annie Dillard’s story has a close relation to her career as a writer. The characters in the story are insects. It is clear that she experiences writer’s block at the Blue Ridge Mountains while camping. With her, she has “The Day on Fire”, a book she treasures, for giving her the motivation to want to write. At the mountains, a moth dies under the candle she is using. The death of the moth motivates and inspires her writing career. Similarly, Kate Chopin’s story is about an intimate relationship that ensues because of a storm. The storm brings Alce and Calixta together and sparks a passionate union between them. The death of the moth in Annie Dillard’s essay plays an indistinguishable role with the storm in Kate Chopin’s story. For this reason, it is clear to note the resemblance between the Chopin and Dillard. In point of fact, the two stories have a similar theme. The theme executed by both stories revolves around women discovering their selfhood and identity. This paper focuses on the similar role played by death and the storm regarding Anne Dillard’s and Kate Chopin’s essay, respectively.
The two essays ironically uphold two natural catastrophes in identifying the theme. Most times, death is considered a bad omen but, it was not the case with Annie Dillard. Also, storms often destroy and kill but, Kate Chop…

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