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Equality and Empathy

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Equality and Empathy

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 550

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Equality and Empathy
To Kill a Mockingbird the novel and To Kill a Mockingbird the film
Graphic Organizer

Both of them show Tom dying during the escape from the prison.
Both of them illustrate the children looking out the window of Radley’s house.
Both of them demonstrate how Tom swore using the Bible during the trial
Both of them indicate Atticus as the defense lawyer for Tom
Both of them depict Tom as an accused person for raping Mayella.
Both of them depict Calpurnia as spiritually aligned with a church.
Both of them indicate strong friendship between Tom and Scout.
Both of them depict Mrs. Dubois a drug-addict.
Both of them indicate the loss of Jem’s pant.
Both of them demonstrate the Finch family visiting Maycomb
Both of them depict the reference of Atticus as a “nigger lover” for his defense of blacks.
Both of them indicate the action of Nathan of cementing an old tree.
Both of them illustrate Jem’s frequent visits to Mrs. Dubois’ house.
Both of them depict Radley as a guardian to Scout and Jem.
Both of them illustrate the conviction of Tom as guilty.
Whereas the novel indicates that Scout and Jem failed to see Mr. Nathan cementing the old tree, the film depicts them witnessing the action.
The novel provides the scene where Jem visits Mrs. Dubois in her house to help her in reading despite being addicted to opiate while the film lacks the scene.
The novel indicate…

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