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environmental injustice: Race and economic status

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environmental injustice: Race and economic status

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Environmental injustice: Race and economic status
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Environmental injustice: Race and economic status
In this literature review, we tried to uplift the scenario of pollution in poor minority districts, and how the amounts of pollution exposure to individuals in the United States are indicated by race and socioeconomic status.
In practice, all over the United States, low-income, and minority communities are burdened under dangerous facilities and waste sites and have to face the harshest consequences of environmental degradation and pollution. On all levels, i.e. national, the state and local, this kind of patterns is observed evidently. Across the country, within individual states, within counties, and within cities, everywhere pollution is unequally distributed. In poor and minority neighborhoods hazardous waste sites, municipal landfills, incinerators, and other hazardous facilities are located disproportionately (Bullard, 1990).
Often, hazardous wastes are dumped in poorer communities, and contaminated wastes are also taken to long distances where the minorities are people far from their origin stay and can be affected. Though few must say that this how the market works, yet others argue that there are broader questions of human rights and fundamental justice revolving around this issue, which requires national policies, or international agreements for bringing in change in the workings of unregulated markets and improve th…

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