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English gay and lesbian literature-Final Writing Assignment- option 1

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Gay and Lesbian Literature
Gay and Lesbian studies focus it’s into two classifications: the natural and unnatural conduct to homosexual behavior, whereas Queer Theory grows its focus to incorporate any sexual activity or personality that falls into normative and degenerate categories. Gay and lesbian literary analysis which has stem off of their particular studies take a gander at pictures of sexuality, and ideas of normative and deviant behavior, in various ways which frequently includes dreary takes of knowing the gay or lesbian authors whose sexuality has been unpublished in writings or kept covered up by history. By rendering writings to find particular topics, points of view and systems that come from the standardizing or degenerate universe of homo, and heterosexuality or by doubtlessly taking a gander at writings composed by gay or lesbian writers and concentrate more on their style of composing. It also looks on how they concentrate on sexuality as a built idea, which likes this, can be used as a type of perspective imprint to comprehend patterns in culture and history.
Author’s Perspective on Gay and Lesbian Literature
Butler analyzes the thought of performativity and how sex and gender characters are socially built and also socially, from many points of view, including through rambling practices. In this exposition, this paper looks further into the significance of Butler’s ideas on sex and gender…

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