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English essay

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English essay

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What Is a Hero?
When we hear the word hero, many images come to mind. Many of us see Superman, Spiderman, Batman or any other superheroes flying by and saving a person from robbers or any other form of dangers. These may represent a good definition of what many people believe to be a hero. However, the meaning of the word hero is totally different as will be illustrated.
There are many definitions of a hero. A hero generally, is defined as a man of distinguished abilities or courage, who is admired for noble qualities and brave deeds. A person who is considered a hero by other people has heroic qualities or has performed heroic acts and is regarded as a model or idol CITATION Joe15 l 1033 (Joe Paterno: Hero, Idol or Human, 2015).
A hero may be a legendary figure or a mythological figure of supernatural descent endowed with great strength and abilities. In literature, the hero is mostly the main character in literary work. Hero may also be used in a specialized sense for any celebrated figure because of their great exploits in the ancient Greek legends.
A person is known for feats of courage and nobility of purpose mostly a person who risks or sacrifices their life for others. A good example is the soldiers and nurses who fought in a war. In recent times, these definitions have widened to accommodate people who have come up with innovations such as in the field of medicine, and they are referred to as heroes of medicine.
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