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ENGLISH 102/ Poetry explication

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English 102/Poetry explication.
Poems written by Edgar Allen Poe are quite brilliant. Two of the most famous poems by Poe are The Raven and Annabel Lee. Both poems are primarily about the loss of a woman who is very dear to the narrator. The two poems exhibit similarities and differences in their plot development, structure and the mood that is portrayed.
The Raven and Annabel Lee have similar schemes. They are primarily about the aftermath of the loss of a woman who is the narrator’s love of his life. The audience, however, has no idea as to whether the maiden in the poems loved the narrator back or not. It is quite clear that the narrator in both poems is head over heels in love, even to the point of obsession with the woman.
The two poems both have captivating rhyme schemes and insistent meter. Through an in-depth analysis of the two poems, the observation is apparent that he whom Edgar Allen Poe had chosen for the narrator, the sound effects and tone are the factors that make the two poems similar in mood. The two poems tend to have a similar meaning while following the same theme. They both depict a severely depressed narrator grieved by the death of a beautiful woman. To express the love between Annabel Lee and the speaker, the narrator says that the maiden lived with the thought to love and be loved by him (3). This illustration clearly portrays his intense burning love for Annabel Lee.
In both poems, the speakers are de…

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