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Research on Reactor Safety Design

Nuclear Reactor Safety Design Name Institution Nuclear reactor safety design There has been increased quest for the establishment of nuclear energy processing plants internationally. It is beyond doubt that nuclear energy production has been a driving factor in the progress of human civilization. However, there have been evident catastrophes which are posed by a minor failure in such plants. In the Swedish nuclear for example, there was recently a simple power failure which has alarmed the safety of the plants (Qvist & Greenspan, 2014). The production of the world electricity by nuclear power reactors has risen to almost sixteen percent. As this scope is expanded, at the front and...

The Auburn Creed Revised

The Auburn Creed Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The two best lines from the Auburn Creed that I associate with are “I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully; along with the “I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win respect and confidence of my fellow men.” The two forms the foundation of stronger professional and social competencies. Education provides a platform to enhance the personal competence in professional associations and activities. It helps harness personal skills, which contribute to the overall wellbeing of professional development. Knowledge acquired...

Admission Essay 3

I have always been interested in various aspects of computer games, particularly programming and designs. I have played and also experienced a variety of games and platforms and retain my passion for this kind of entertainment. I often find it fascinating. Right from a very young age, I was absolutely attracted to programming and video games. One of my favorite games played brilliantly and had a perfect soundtrack and was graphically superb. I have always desired to be involved in the development of games of such quality for the present generations of platforms. I believe game engineering will give me a strong foundation and will be ideal as far as my dream is concerned. It would equip me with...

Grain structure development in solid state additive manufacturing and welding – Al-Li-alloys

Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Al-Li Alloy Grain Structure Development in Solid State Manufacturing and Welding Aluminum has attracted great interest in research due to the rise of the need of reducing the natural weight of vehicles, aerospace and other structures in the industry of transportation. The properties of aluminum make it favorable for structural engineering (Kablov 160). These properties which are favorable include: resistance to corrosion, having a good strength to weight ratio in addition to machinability. As compared to steel, aluminum can be recycled easily which saves the smelting energy. The weldability of aluminum alloys is good (Olabode 20). However, it...

hydrology and water engineering

Examining the future changes in the amount and rate of occurrence of short duration rainfall Name Institution Abstract The understanding of amount and rate of occurrence of short duration rainfall relationships is key in water engineering applications. The occurrence of extreme rainfall amounts at an increasing rate in the global scale has raised concerns recently. Most of the research conducted shows that much of the increases occur particularly in the short duration rainfall which majorly lasts for about an hour or so. This mainly increases the rate occurrence of flash floods. Thus, this study aims at examining the various evidence that suggests the occurrence of short duration rainfall...

Engineering Disaster of WTC Tower 7 on 9/11

Name Instructor Task Date Engineering Disaster of WTC Tower 7 on 9/11 A Description of the Engineering Project Certain vulnerabilities in the design of WTC (World Trade Center) likely contributed to the collapse of Tower 7, as well as the two main towers. While the building was exceptionally strong, it had a number of inherent flaws. The original building was a forty-seven storey building with a red granite frontage. The building was 190 meters (610 feet) tall, having a trapezoidal base forty-three meters (140 feet) wide, and 100 meters (330 feet) long (Gilsang and Willa 42). It was constructed above a substation that had a caisson foundation that had been designed to support the weight of a...

MEMs sensors and actuators

Name Professor Name Course Date MEMs Sensors and Actuators Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS) is a technology, which uses micro-fabrication techniques to make miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical devices and structures. MEMS devices satisfy the following criteria: they have a feature size of between one micron and hundreds of micrometer; they have some electrical functionality in their operation; they have some mechanical functionality and have a system-like functionality. These devices can vary from simple structures to complex electromechanical systems. The term MEMS is common in the US whereas the term they use in Europe is Micro Technology System in Europe and Micromachining...

Can engineers be taught creativity?

Can Engineers be Taught Creativity? Can Engineers be Taught Creativity? Introduction Human mind wields tremendous power in changing the very course of history. In this regards, creative thinking and creativity possess tremendous potential to help humans achieving that. For engineers, creativity is the key to unraveling the very solutions of complex and complicated issues as part of designing and innovation. The final result of creativity is quite commonly in the form of different innovative designs and scientific breakthroughs that were considered impossible decades ago. This paper will look at different aspects of creativity and its importance in the lives of engineers....

Power Systems of Electrical Engineering

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Date of SubmissionOptical Interconnects Introduction Optical interfaces refer to arrays of optoelectronic devices that is of the order of 1000 optical channels. Each of these channels run at a speed of approximately 1 Gigabit per second. This means that they offer an overall capacity of the same speed to any single integrated circuit. There are still unresolved issues in manufacturing processes, architectural design, packaging, and simulation. However, due to advanced technology, it is possible to understand its use in all commercial systems within a short period. One of its use is chip-to-chip communication (Mutig). The Use optical methods in...