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Energy Resource Plan

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Energy Resource Plan

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Energy Resource Plan
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Energy Resource Plan
Being the Chief Environmental Officer, I would like to propose a total of three major changes in the energy plans that are part of company, previously. Dependence on fossil fuels is surely not feasible for all parts of the plant. However, for the head-office renewable energy sources can be utilized. The best way to achieve is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in different manufacturing units and most importantly, in different cars. For achieving this, it is vital to assess cost-benefit analysis of the project and considering that, the best option for providing appropriate heating value for driving steam turbines is usage of natural gas. As provided in Chiras (2013) book, the cost for oil and gas is 6-9 cents per kWh. In order to justify that cost, the company should look forward to providing energy recovery methods like heat regenerators and recuperators. And thirdly, installation of renewable energy technologies for reducing energy inputs is another crucial step. The best way is to alter the designs of cars as well as manufacturing machineries to different alternate energy options. The most feasible option is utilization of biomass as part of process innovations. Kovacs et al. (2012) have conducted the research for the utilization of biomass for different internal combustion engines.
Development of this alternative would surely be a work of engineering teams of Volta Cars. However, in order to invoke corporate social responsibility initiative, the company should have to include different environment campaigns both internally and externally. Apart from that, the employee who is participating in those activities should have a remuneration package along with different gifts for their families. Its benefits would be twofold. On one ground, it enhances company’s outlook on energy conservation and secondly, it enables the employees and workers to participate in this constructive activity (New Hampshire Government, 2015).
The most vital change that can be included is the incorporation of hydrogen cell fueled hybrid vehicles. However, it requires substantial investment as part of creating awareness about it on large scale. Moreover, the most severe challenge is to manage the expenses of its research and development based on the customer’s expectations and market dynamics (Brown, 2001).

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