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energy consumption and sustainabilty .

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energy consumption and sustainabilty .

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Energy consumption and sustainability


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Energy consumption and sustainability
Plastics and petrochemicals are used in different applications ranging from domestic to industrial applications. Plastics and petrochemicals are made from petroleum (Lundquist, Leterrier, & Sunderland, 2001). Natural gas liquid and liquefied petroleum gases are two materials used to make plastics and petrochemicals. Liquid petroleum gases are extracted from refining petroleum while natural gases liquid are by-products of natural gas. Research has shown that the United States of America, for example, use liquid petroleum estimated to be 200 million barrels and around 400 million cubic feet of natural gas liquids to manufacture plastic products. It is enough evidence to show how plastic products are important in society. Just like the way people know that the plastic products are important, they also know that gas and oil are not renewable. Oils are lost right during extraction up to consumption by the final consumer. Crude oil leakage is a regular occurrence in the oil industry. Loss of crude oil result in a reduction of petrol hence its by-products. . Oil spillage is collected returned to refinery industries. It is tested for usability and if it is proven to be usable, it passes through pretreated first and then water is removed by the use of steam. It is then passed through vacuum distillation and lastly via fractionation to refined it. EPA regards re-…

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