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energy access, infrastructure finance and economic growth in developing countries

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energy access, infrastructure finance and economic growth in developing countries

Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: Economics

Level: PhD

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Energy access, Infrastructure Finance and Economic growth in developing countries Research proposal
Many African countries marked a period of economic growth immediately following the independence. However, after the initial era of growth, most of the economies in Africa faltered and then started to decline. The region has witnessed an era of decreasing per capita income, increasing poverty and hunger, and accelerating ecological degradation. This is regardless the reality that economic growth is critical in the developing nations, towards the end of improving the income of the people, reducing poverty, and increasing the standards of living. There is a need for creation of employment opportunities for the citizens to provide for their families, and more importantly, to build a future that is sustainable (Dabla-Norris, et al, 1).
Despite the need for economic growth in African countries, major challenges face sustainable economic growth, including lack of adequate access to energy and poor infrastructure. These two and many other challenges are the focus of national and international efforts to address poverty and lack of development in African nations. The achievement of the efforts of national and international policy makers to ensure adequate access to sustainable energy and adequate infrastructure for economic development is still a rich area of research. More important, there is still need for more research on inves…

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