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Employment Law

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Employment Law

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Employment Law
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The Employment Law Case Analysis
The employment law requires that companies offer equal employment and promotion opportunities on employees regardless of color, creed, race, religious, gender, age or political affiliations. Further, this act demands that companies should treat all workers equally and that any promotion shall be offered on the basis of experience, competency, and merit (Holland, Burnett, & Millington, 2015). The case provided shows that Mrs. Cindy was ‘’sexually harassed’’ and discriminated by her immediate supervisor Mr. Lauer. Other than being requested to extend a ‘’favor’’ for her promotion, Mrs. Cindy was wrongly judged comparatively to her fellow co-workers Mr. Lauer and Buddy who utilized the company’s cell-phones for personal gains. The Santa Sleigh Inc. infringed on the Employment Act as it failed to conduct due diligence on Cindy’s allegations against her supervisor Mr. Lauer. It was the responsibility of the company to ensure that both employees received equal treatment and fair hearing.
The company would have done better by setting aside an internal select committee to investigate the allegations and come to a fair and just conclusion regarding both suspects Mr. Lauer and Mrs. Cindy. While Cindy breached the company’s laws by using the cell phone for personal ends and gains, she ought to receive a fair hearing and pardoned. This means that a company’s inter…

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