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Employment law

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Employment law

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Job Description: IT Manager
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Job Description: IT Manager
An IT manager is a crucial position in any firm. Therefore, for this company, Platinum Distributors, a job description for an IT manager is the first step in ensuring that the organization acquires the right individual for this crucial position. The job description provides a description of the obligations, functions, as well as the responsibilities of the IT manager (Society for Human Resource Management, 2018). Thus, for an IT manager at Platinum Distributors, the principal obligation is to monitor all the IT processes and operations in the company. The IT manager operates as the supervisor of anything that relates to IT within Platinum Distributors. His or her responsibility is to ensure that all IT functions are running accordingly and that every IT employee works to achieve the organization’s goal. For one to be considered for this position, he or she has to have a minimum of five years’ IT experience at a top level position and possess at least a Bachelor degree in Information Technology or Computer Science.
Additionally, I intend to recruit for this position via an online platform, particularly social media and online advertising sites. I will create an eye-catching advert that contains the details above of an IT manager. Besides that, I will provide a brief background of Platinum Distributors to help the potential candidates to understand what the company entails. This…

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