Employment law

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Employment law

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Employment Law

Employment law is enacted so as duties and rights between workers and employees can be governed. It is at times referred to as labor law and these laws are made so as it is made sure that employees are treated fairly and they are kept safe at all time they are at the dispose of their employers. They are based on court opinions, administrative rules, legislation, state constitutions and federal constitutions. An agreement between an employer and the employee might stipulate that their relationship is governed by a contract. These labor laws in America started when cries arose about the oppression of employees. In the start of the 20th century some fresh laws were passed they include; outlaw child labor, create a certain time that an employee should work in a week, establish the basic minimum wage for every employee and compensation for employees who are injured.
The Congress tried their best to pass laws that check on the unsafe conditions of workers and prohibit discrimination. The current issue that is being discussed is equal pay for women and men and the issue of healthcare policy. Many arguments and conflicts between employers and employees nowadays are the wage and hour violations. The federal law that is supreme provides basic laws that and then it leaves states to pass them and provide any additions as they may see fit. Overtime pay is also regulated by wage and hour law. The federal law does not clearly stipulate the number of hours that should be worked and how they should be paid. But the laws make it clear that every 40 and a half hour should be paid (Collins, 19).
The Fair Playing Field Act of 2012, H.R 4123 (112th) is an example of a bill that was introduced to the Congress in March 2012 but it is still pending up to date. The bill was supposed to amend the current law of Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and it was supposed to give the secretary of treasury permission to give guidance that is prospective and clarify the status of employment of individual persons for reasons of employment taxes and retroactive assessments should be prevented on such clarifications. It is a bill in the House of Representatives in the United States Congress. Before a bill becomes law it must be passed by the two houses that are the senate and the congress and then have a signature of the President. If I were a congress member I would pass it since most workers are having problems to identify the type and amount of taxes they should pay and how to pay them.
People entering the job for the first time or those that have been in the job for a long time they need to understand their duties and rights as workers. The state and federal government provide phases in the laws that they stipulate about employment process from the time one goes for an interview, the time of hiring, any promotion if necessary that may happen in between the contract of employment and the time that the contract will be terminated. The law is also based on discrimination at work place. An attorney should be hired so as to represent a person anytime he or she is discriminated at work place. This is because attorneys have the best experience and knowledge about both state and federal laws (Lockton, 11).
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