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Employment Considerations

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Employment Considerations

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Employment Considerations
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Employment Considerations
The class has been quite informative in matters regarding employment of security personnel. Personally, several issues and concepts were new and never thought they existed in the profession or any other career. Firstly, it was surprising to learn of the comprehensive process undertaken before one qualifies to join any security agency in the United States. Due diligence is conducted which entails a review of every life detail of an applicant. I was mesmerized to learn that one must fill a lengthy application form that requires the potential recruit to reveal private information. For instance, an individual is expected to disclose his or her credit rating. I could not comprehend why one’s credit ratings are crucial to the point that they can determine his or her employability. However, the concept is vividly expounded to mean that one with a poor credit score is more vulnerable to commit economic and property crimes.
Lastly, the concept of using polygraph examination during the recruitment of law enforcement officers is entirely new to me. I only thought such exercises are conducted during interrogations in criminal cases. Arguably, security agencies are the only employers that subject the polygraph test to potential employees. However, the arguments behind their use are solid and convincing. Markedly, after a prospective law enforcement recruit fills the comprehensive app…

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