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Employment at will

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Employment at will

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Employment at will
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Employment at free will
The text points out a misapprehension regarding a common interpretation of ‘employment at free will.’ Contrary to its suggestion, both the employees and their employers are bound by regulations regarding wrongful termination from or of a job respectively. These regulations form a crucial part of the contractual agreement signed during the commencement of most forms of employment. The essence of the clause ‘employment at will’ lies with the voluntary acceptance and commitment to the contractual terms. (Sandefur, 2010). This way, neither the employee nor the employer will be taken advantage of by the other party. Both parties draw security from the fact that the terms and conditions laid out have to be observed in full by either party.
Most businesses are profit-oriented, and as such, their respective managements often strive to obtain maximum input regarding man hours from their employees. This poses a problem particularly when it comes to unprecedented mandatory leaves such as maternity or other lengthy sick leaves. Some employers have been known to cut off employers whom they deem unproductive irrespective of the underlying circumstances. According to Budd,” the labor problem stemmed from short-sighted management practices that ignored the human needs of workers.” (Budd, 2004).”
Due to the lengthy time of absence from work involved, expectant mothers are most susceptible to suc…

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