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Employee recruitment and retention

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Employee recruitment and retention

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: Masters

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Employee Recruitment and Retention in Nursing
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Application of Employee recruitment and retention to Nursing
Employee recruitment and retention are essential for nursing practice. In situations where a facility experiences low employee recruitment and retention, it may be faced by the challenge of understaffing. In most cases, understaffing leads to increased workload among employees, which in return create an undesirable work environment and poor healthcare service provision across a facility (Twigg & McCullough, 2014). In such context, nursing leaders should be able to identify ways in which they can enhance both the recruitment and retention of staff members. For instance, creating a work environment that attracts top skills in the industry can facilitate the acquisition of competent employees who require minimum supervision to complete their tasks successfully (Twigg & McCullough, 2014). Similarly, nurse leaders should make sure that the resources required by employees to complete their tasks are available. In doing so, nursing staff members do not have to work with inadequate or poorly functional equipment that threatens the quality of their work.
In addition to creating a desirable work environment, nurse leaders have the responsibility of developing effective leadership styles. The leadership utilized across an institution tends to determine the power and well as the value that is attached to employees (Brown et a…

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