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Emma Watson and Feminism

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Emma Watson and Feminism

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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Emma Charlotte Watson, who was born 1990 0n the 15th of April in Paris. Her mother and father, both British attorneys, are Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby. She had a brother named Alex and was conceived three years after her birth. Her mother and father separated while Watson was still young and she later relocated to Oxford shire in the city of England with her mom and brother. Watson joined the Stagecoach Theatre Arts School at Oxford. She learned acting, dancing and singing and performed in different and many school plays (Hermansson, Casie, 37). Her natural nature for performing was discovered when she performed at a poetry race and recited a poem called the sea written by James Reeves, she performed it at a very young age. Watson had certainly not performed professionally when her lecture theater teachers recommended her to films agents looking for a group of actors for the upcoming movie that was based on the major new novel of the chart-topping series of the Harry Potter. She eventually auditioned for the Harry Potter film but as it was thought to be tough, the cast was not as smooth as she thought as she auditioned for it a couple of times before she eventually got the role as Hermione for her premier screen test.
Emma Watson played the role of Hermione Granger Jean, she was the daughter of the Grangers and her parents were dentists in the city of London, and she was known to be from the Muggle born origin. She grew up and was just a muggle girl and at a younger age she learned that she was something different that is a witch and was later accepted into a school of witchcraft and wizardry known to us as Hogwarts School. In the school, she joined the Gryffindor house, though she had the intelligence, brilliant brain and a photographic memory she should have been enrolled in the Ravenclaw house, but it was unfortunate she did not get the chance to be in the house (Gina R, 51). With time and determination, she showed to be gifted as a student and was always bookish and studious. She later met Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, but they did not instantly become friends, but with time they eventually become friends. Her feminism was demonstrated when she took the blame from her friends Harry and Ron because they had previously saved her on Halloween from a troll, stepping in and taking the blame pleased Weasley and Potter hence they became friends. She later played her a vital role and discovered something known as the “chamber of secrets” and later she was a victim of basilisk that was later unleashed because of the chamber been opened. Her she continued with role of Hermione she endured some challenges and was involved in a couple of wars and with the help of her friends they conquered and won the fights, some of the battle was “the battle of the department of mysteries”, “Battle of the Astronomy Tower” and “the Battle of the Seven Potters”. She did not return for her seventh year in the school but instead joined Harry to help him in a quest he was journeying on. She later resolved to go back and completed her studies and later employed in the magic ministry, she aimed at improving the house elves and better treatment and later promoted to law enforcement of magical department.
In the enchanted Harry Potter world, Hermione Granger decisively is the cleverest and most accomplished magic general practitioner (David Levinson, 91). While her masculine cohorts are full of activity fading out of challenging and potions all to homoerotic battles, Granger trainings hard and regularly protects the weeks and days but still manages time to cope petty boys and demanding hairdo. 
The Harry Potter film main characters were boys and she was the leading female character and this was one of the main reason she decided to advocate for the feminism to encourage many women to go for the big roles and positions held by men mostly. She been a feminist activist she was given a chance to speak at the United Nations conference and she used the opportunity to speak on the feminism and also the role of male feminists and their values, she is a true feminist and uses her huge podium to donate to the global conversation on females’ rights. And she does it well and sometimes by concentrating on men. Watson summaries numerous ways our traditional behavior is devoted to the out-of-date gender roles destroys men also. She further adds that the time fathers devote to their kids is not measured as vital as the period mothers spend with the children, men are always afraid to request for assistance hence making them look feeble and result in them committing suicide in extremely high rates, husbands are not sometimes allowed the full capacity to be emotional and sensitive . She is not the chief feminist to pay attention to husbands, feminist activists of both gender that are female and male have been involved in it for decades. But Emma Watson is one of the few and first very prominent young females to brand the case of feminism is noble for men also (Christensen, 43). Watson has been able to manage the walk on fine line amid putting females at the front line in feminism and generous allowing men space and time to air their experiences and thoughts too wanting to overtake the discussion. And doing all this she has managed to change the conversations on gender off and online and she has hopefully with time made the world outside and Internet a very better place.
Watson dashes in stories during the course of her speech that aid engage the viewers and guide her meaning more efficiently. The greatest potent method she used in the admiration is her audience is the storytelling.   Feminism beside with the greater issue of femininity inequality touches many on the individual level. Watson remembers spells when she confronted the lower expectations of an underage girl when she sensed sexualized and once her peers instigated to return to the social pressure bestowed upon them by Parent. She shared these examples to let the viewers to get a look of somebody who has stayed opposed to the gender inequality. This issue is blind at sometimes lacking sighted in the human knowledge it lost to simplifications and statistics. Personalizing the subject lets it strengthen the understanding and sympathy felt by the speaker.
Findings and facts lately have found out that feminism is a major problem in our world, our traditional believes and practices have made many women face discrimination and violence in their lives. The research done has shown many women are scared to air their views and worries facing them day in day out, unless they can stand tall and air their worries and problems than it would be had for men and the rest of women to understand and know what their fellow human beings are experiencing. In her speech at the UN, Emma Watson’s talk positively starts the feminist drive and its opportunity by engaging to the feelings of audiences, authenticating her standing and emphasizes her urgings through figures and facts.
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