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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration to nursing staff

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration to nursing staff

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: PhD

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration to nursing staff
The information technology age ensures that every aspect of life conforms to the IT arena. The nursing profession must radically transform to meet the evolving expectations through adoption of EMR. One of the most pertinent factors toward implementation of the EMR is communication. Implementation of EMR is a big decision that not only impacts on nursing business but the staff. Not every staff will have the confidence in mastering the EMR technology. Therefore, through research, it is established that helping the staff understand the value and urge nature of transitions forms itself as appropriate consideration towards implementation of EM since non-communication results to rumors that consequently results to unfounded fear and doubt. Through communication, it is installed in the nurses that EMR will serve as the key component towards transforming practice and operations workflow. Moreover, the nurses will understand that EMR will act as the ladder of improving the client base and taking the clinic towards the next phase of change, through improvement in quality (McCarthy & Eastman, 2013). Employment of transparency in the communication of transitions process through the adoption of weekly open meeting acts as the next gauge toward understanding the nature, requirement, and skill necessary for the implementation of EMR. Communication thus ensures that the feeling of distr…

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