Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering
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The Speech “I Have a Dream”

The Speech “I Have a Dream” I have a dream the commonly known and revered “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. delivered on August 28th of the year 1963. King Jr. was an activist for civil rights in America. He delivered the speech at a time America was under the perceived rule of general Racism and violation of human rights. The speech was delivered to an audience of almost 250,000 people. King Jr. wanted the black Americans to be freed from slavery to which they were subjected even after the passing of the 1863 Act, which was to have freed all the slaves under European captivity. King Jr. was an orator and an eloquent speaker whom people wanted to listen to. He described his...

Emily Dickinson

Your name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission Emily Dickinson Introduction On 10th December 1830, Emily Dickinson was born Emily Elizabeth Dickinson in Massachusetts. To be precise, she was born in Amherst, a town in Massachusetts. Before she died, she was a poet by profession. During her teenage years, she was in close contact with a man named Newton. The poet rendered him a mentor thus speculations about their intimate relationship may have been mere rumors. Newton introduced Dickinson into various writing works and poems (Howe, Susan & Eliot 7). In fact, he gave her Ralph Waldo Emerson's collection of poems as a gift. Before Newton's death, he encouraged Dickinson to...

Social Work Profession

Social Work Profession Name: Institution: Date: Social Work Profession What is social work? Social work is a job that deals with assisting people, specific group, families or the society to better their collective or personal well-being (The National Association of Social Work, 2015). The main agenda for any social work is to aid individuals with skills that will enable them to utilize their resources and use them to solve their community problems. The government uses social work strategy with the aim of solving community problems like domestic conflict, poverty and joblessness. The concept of social work was used in the initial formation of social justice and human rights departments....

Drugs at Work Place

Drug use at Work Place Name: Institution: Drug use at workplace Use of drug and substance abuse in working place has been associated with poor performance and general poor conditions at work which range from psychological, physical and social harms. Situations such as night work, working remotely, traveling, job stress and poor communication are among key issues that have been associated with this conflict which in turn increases economic burden on governments, employees and society. According to (Cohen, 1984), drugs commonly used in work settings include alcohol, marijuana and cocaine and these have adverse effect not only on the user but also on the community. Lack of standard...

My Iraqi War Experience

My Iraqi War Experience Name: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date: My Iraqi War Experience I am an Iraqi by birth, and I was raised in Iraq since birth. I have lived in the midst of war since it broke out in 2003. I am sure no one likes such a nasty experience. One can imagine the difficulties that war brings about. When I was twenty-seven years old, I decided to work as a local Iraqi translator with the United States Forces to support their cause to help Iraqi families and kids. I started by working with the US Military Police mobile unit that moved from place, school and community to another. Our mission was to solve peoples’ problems by providing...


Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Journeys A journey includes developments to new places, both physically and rationally and the likelihood of experiencing impediments along the way. A film offers explorers the chance to develop themselves physically, mentally and sincerely as they react to challenges and take in more of themselves and their general surroundings. The film "Rabbit Proof Fence" by Philip Noyce and the novel, "A fortunate life" by A.B Facey give an investigation of changes in the individual experiencing an adventure. This paper shows how the authors use different dialect components and procedures to pass on the theme of the journey and how the novel and the...


Situational Ethics and Murder: An Analysis of “Monsieur Verdoux” Understanding good is easy. Contemporary ethics tries to teach us that behaving accordingly is the cornerstone of society. That sole affirmation compels any sensible individual to behave and act as society wants them to. Evil, on the other hand, is harder to understand as it directly defies the notions of what is living a healthy life. Hence, these behaviors that attempt against what is perceived as good are often misunderstood and misrepresented, difficulting a thorough understanding of what lies underneath them. This is of particular importance in the idea of morality one might have as modernity has inherited us the...

Agricultural Subsidies.

Name Instructor Task Date Agricultural Subsidies Agricultural subsidies refer to governmental subsidies paid to agribusinesses and farmers to assist them in managing agricultural commodities, influencing the demand and supply of these commodities, and supplementing agricultural income. The American government holds that agricultural subsidies are necessary; especially given role that corn-based ethanol has in the energy security plan of the United States. The government also argues that subsidies are important in securing America’s domestic agricultural sector as a homeland security measure. The purpose of this is to protect the country from reliance on food imports should a catastrophic,...

Cover Letter

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Cover Letter Full Name Your Address Your Contact Information Company’s Address (One applying to) Dear Sir/Madam, My interest in your company has prompted me to forward my qualifications for your review and consideration. I have an impeccable extensive top-level background in (Title of the Job applying for) which makes me precisely the kind of value-added executive you need for the post you have advertised. With more than (No. Of Years) experience of progressive responsibility in various niches, I offer a recognized career earmarked by achievements in guiding...