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Egalitarian or Hierarchical Structure

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Egalitarian or Hierarchical Structure

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Hierarchical structure
A hierarchical structured organization is one that has a top down structure, with defined top, middle and bottom managers. They can also be defined as strategic managers, tactical managers and operational managers. The organizational structure takes the diagrammatic form of a pyramid s shown below:

The diagram shows multiple management levels with concentration or focus is on a central point-strategic management. In a hierarchical structure, ideas, people and activities tend to focus or originate from the top management who create the organization’s objectives and strategic goals. In other words, the person in charge is placed at the top of the structure with the others following his lead according to order of subordination. The strategic level of management is usually comprised of few people, who issue certain instructions to the juniors who thereafter report to them, or are under the supervision of the top managers. The middle management comprises of supervisors who formulate routine activities to be carried out and thereafter follow up on its implementation from the operational workers (Hierarchical organization/structure, 2018).
Lastly, the operational workers are responsible for daily job execution to see that the weekly targets are achieved and sequentially, the organizational objectives. These results are communicated in a hierarchical manner starting from the operational levels who communicate the daily resu…

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