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Efficacy of the ketogenic diet as the treatment for epilepsy

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Literature Review Report
Efficacy of Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment for Epilepsy
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Efficacy of Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment for Epilepsy
1. Literature Review
1.1. Background
Anticonvulsant medications do not provide adequate cure in many patients with epilepsy. This is because either these drugs are not effective in controlling seizures or might lead to poor toleration profiles. One form of nutritional therapy called the “ketogenic diet,” has been associated with management of such epileptic cases1. The diet is used as an adjunct to the pharmacological interventions for controlling the episodes of seizure. The ketogenic diet is a high fat-low carbohydrate/protein diet and has been implicated for the control of seizures across various age groups of patients2. The ketogenic diet regime has to be complied strictly, to get benefit for control of seizures. However, the diet is not preferred by pediatric patients, due to its unpalatable nature2. The ketogenic ratio is described by the weight of fat divided by the combined weight of carbohydrate and protein in the diet. The ideal ratio is 4:1 for children below the age of eighteen months, or is older than 12 years. Individuals who are obese should be ideally planned at 3:1 ratio21.
1.2. Mechanisms of Action
The mechanisms that make ketogenic diet an important adjunct in control of seizures has been elucidated through various studies3. The ketogenic diet has been associated …

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