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effects of Medical Technological Advances on The Society

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effects of Medical Technological Advances on The Society

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Effects of Medical Technological Advances on the Society
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Effects of Medical Technological Advances on the Society
Medical technology encompasses a wide range of healthcare products and is used to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases or medical complications affecting humans (Roberts, 2014). Such technologies are intended to improve the quality of healthcare delivered through earlier diagnosis.
The medical technological advances affect the society in terms of making it possible to conduct medical checkups from homes (Hsieh, 2009). It is observed that the growing demand for monitoring people’s state of health in any environment has led to houses now being equipped with medical items such as thermometers and set of scales useful in observing health changes. The system aims at growing range of health systems for individual rather than hospital.
Secondly, According to Hsieh (2009), use of medical robots has caused surgeons to no longer operate on the basis of their skill and experience alone. A robot is designed in an anatomic model that behaves in the same way as a person. This enables repetitive, systematic methodology to quantify external measurements of external factors. This method increases efficiency in the medical sector including quickening processes and cutting on costs of treatment (Roberts, 2014). Further, the need for a high number of medical personalities is catered for. On the other hand, this technolog…

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