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Effectiveness of manual palpation of uterine activity

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Brief review
Maternal pelvis, the contractility of the uterus, and factors related to the fetus that lead to a failure in the progress of labor. Protracted labor is most of the time as a result of inefficient uterine contraction that can be managed pharmacologically. The estimation of the adequacy of the uterine power in preparation for labor is very vital, which can be achieved by conducting an evaluation of uterine contractions. The evaluation can be done traditionally by palpating for uterine contractions by an expert observer also by the use of medical technologies; it can be achieved by the application of the intrauterine pressure catheter. The research paper aimed to ascertain between the two methods of uterine contractions palpation, which one was the most effective method.Positive reflections on the evidence.
46 patients who counted for 236 contractions were used for the experiment. The observation was done on contractions against the intrauterine pressure. Thirty, 105 and 101 contractions were described as mild, moderate and strong respectively. The mild contraction accounted for an intrauterine pressure of 35.2 mm Hg. while the moderate and strong contraction accounted for an intrauterine pressure of 44.9 mm Hg and 55.5 mm Hg. There were an improved Observers were more certain when describing a strong contraction, and then the mild with the moderate contraction getting the least accurate prediction.Concerns/challenges highlighted in the evidence
There was a s…

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