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Effective Leadership Styles for Healthcare

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Effective Leadership Styles for Healthcare



Effective Leadership Styles for Healthcare
After completing the phase three draft, I had to do some improvements on the final draft considering the issues mentioned in the comments. The issues that were found in the third draft include grammar mistakes, incomplete thoughts, and the thesis statement was said to be in need of some additional work. In grammar issues, there were the issues of misplaced words, improper use of prepositions and use of long sentences. In the incomplete thoughts, there were hanging sentences that did not bring out meaningful sentences to make the workflow. Some sentences were seen not to make sense as they were loose and fragmented. The thesis statement was also said to be weak, and it needed some additional work so as to make it bring out a clear and concise theme of the work.
To ensure that the final draft is more error-free than the prior one, I opt to do some more revision on my grammar by reviewing the use of some words in the dictionary. I will conduct some studies on the construction of sentences so that to avoid writing of fragmented and lose sentences. I will also revise on the application of prepositions on sentences and the breaking of sentences to avoid the wrong use of prepositions and wordiness respectively. I will also be keen on the final draft so that I do not repeat the use of incomplete thoughts. I will go through the work severally before submission …

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