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Effective Leadership Styles for Healthcare (Final draft)

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Effective Use of Leadership Style in Healthcare

Efficient use of Leadership Style in Healthcare
Leadership put concern more about the people and the organization, but less the individual needs. It has been described as the behavior of an individual when directing the activities of a group toward a shared goal. The central role of leadership involves influencing group events and coping with change. Moreover, Leadership in Healthcare is so involved, but the leader have to develop skill and concept on how to deal with the situation. The difficulty in the healthcare is because theories were not developed within a healthcare context but were usually developed for the business setting and then applied to healthcare. Besides that, properly the leadership initiatives are associated with improvements in patient care or organizational outcomes when implemented in the healthcare setting.
Furthermore, the healthcare sector plays a vital role in the society. The well-being of people depends on how well the leaders of these facilities manage their operations. Every leader in the leadership contributions set the stage for effective teamwork. The leadership team is significant in providing directions and precise paths to realize particular goals (In Information Resources Management Association, 2013). Also, they help the staff develop skills that are meant to assist in the coping with changes. An effective leader creates an active environment where there is qual…

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