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Educational inequality in primary and seconday schools in the U.S.

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Educational inequality in primary and seconday schools in the U.S.

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Sociology

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Educational inequality in primary and secondary schools in the U.S.
The rising inequality in the education sector is increasingly becoming a concerning issue in the US. The issue is impeding societal integration and progress of various individuals economically and socially. It also affects the lifestyle of many people especially the minority groups. According to Gootenberg & Reygadas (2010), inequality in the education sector has been witnessed from the ancient days of agrarian revolution. During the time, African-Americans were the mostly discriminated lot in the US. They were denied and not allowed to access good schools as their white counterparts. The few who had the privilege of accessing schools attended small schools that had limited resources and education support infrastructure. However, the whites went to schools that had well-trained teachers, superior curriculum, good infrastructure and advanced learning materials (Gootenberg & Reygadas, 2010). In short they had adequate education resources. This helped in providing them with solid background and knowledge on diverse phenomenon. They were getting equipped with pertinent life skills that prepared them for employment. The strong education system enabled them to pursue lucrative careers as compared to their counterparts from minority groups.
Currently, the inequality levels in the education have taken anew dimension that threatens the future of many young people. The disparity is…

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