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1.Describe tests that should be carried out to help evaluate the safety of a newly developed drug. 100 marks The common measures that are used to evaluate the safety of a newly developed drug in laboratory settings are LD50 and therapeutic index. Lethal Dose 50 or Median lethal dose is a test designed to determine the lethal status of various compounds. The LD50 value indicates the concentration of the drug that would kill half of a population that consumed it. It is used to determine the right amounts of prescription and avoid adverse effects of overdosing from newly developed drugs. Fixed Dose Procedure (OECD 420; 1992). This test relies on observing toxicity at a minimum fixed dose level to test...

Personal Statement

Dated: 10th January 2018 To The Dean of Studies University of Southern California, CA Ref: Personal Statement on "The Impact of An Event or Activity that has changed my life or way of thinking." Presently, I am pursuing the Undergraduate Program at the Penn State University with a major in Accounting. I have long desired to pursue higher education in Accounting from one of the renowned Universities of the world. In this regard, I wish to apply to the two-year Postgraduate Program on Accounting at your esteemed institution. As I understand, the specialty of Accounting demands in-depth knowledge of different socio-economic issues. I also understand that in a Postgraduate Curriculum I should integrate...

Personal Statment

Name Instructor Course Date Personal Statement Analysis resembles magic that decomposes the reality and forms a new world. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by an adventure in numbers. Playing Sudoku provided me with the basic understanding of logic and numbers. Before joining college, I was pretty sure that I want to study a course that is closely related to numbers. After choosing accounts as my major, I had a summer internship with Deloitte. From this experience, I understood the important relationship between accounting and finance. I want to be a business person who not only can make financial statements but also can analyze them. A good understanding of these two areas...

what is media design

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date What is Media Design? Media design is one of the most important ways of communication in the world. If we stop for one second and compare how the communication design was during the 1893s to now, then we would understand that technological development has taken a big step. Through the developments, we can keep in touch and know what is going on around us and the world. The year 1893 is important because an inventor demonstrated the first wireless radio. It was the only social media platform that was used as a source of information. However, the radio is still an essential element in our life. Every year the technology changes, as well as...


Celestina Luli Professor Rees Shad Media Design Essay nr 5 Brain-Computer Interface In the modern world, the interrelation between technology and the natural environment has been enhanced to follow direct command. To carry out a function with a device, you need to touch it or speak to it. The new industrial science, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), will impact a change in every part of the world. Brain-computer interface is the system which controls the central nervous system (Hassanien and Azar 4). At any moment when we are thinking, moving, feeling or remembering something, our neurons are at work. Our brain engages with those neurons and specific nerve cells where they merge with one...

My Professional Career Revised

My career has resulted in many encounters with individuals whose traditions, beliefs, and interests vary radically from mine. These experiences have contributed significantly to my professional and social growth. Through them, my self-awareness, worldviews, understanding, and openness to others have grown immensely. One of the most significant cross-cultural experiences I have had is the opportunity to tutor and mentor young refugee/immigrant children between the ages of seven and ten. Most of these children in this program originated from Somalia. The other portion was made of a few Afghani children and one Vietnamese. Among the first observations I made when I was introduced to this group was...

Talk about yourself in a job interview

Taking About Myself in a Job Interview Name Institutional Affiliation Date Taking About Myself in a Job Interview I have quite a strong academic background as evidenced in my resume. My most recent academic fete is a master’s degree in Translation from the AAA university and which in earned I 2017. I also have a Bachelors' Degree in English Language and Literature which I earned in 2013 from AAA University. Apart from the two degrees, I am also a proud holder of two diplomas, one in customer services and the other in human recourses. The main reason I decided to pursue the diplomas is that I wanted to expand my knowledge base. As such, I was motivated by the desire to learn more as...

Application Letters.

Student’s Name Professor’s NameCourse Title Date of Submission What challenges me the most and how I have worked to overcome this limitation. One of the most serious challenges that I met while at the university is cultural differences, to be specific, changing my thinking mode to critical thinking. In China, the high school education emphasized imparting knowledge that is essential, and the general study mode of students is merely accepting the knowledge that is taught by teachers and complete exercises that are required. Students are used to “compliance” rather than “challenge”. For example, when I consider the historical events, students are required to remember the cause and...